A Cup of Shi

Why ‘A Cup of Shi’?
Well I am undeniably a caffeine addict. I am utterly useless/ an absolute monster without a cup of tea in the morning and my name is Shiyaa.

As someone who has major anxiety, I often find that it has restricted me in certain way and I am now making a conscious effort to change that. I want to invest in my self and into my happiness and future goals. This blog I suppose is to capture my journey to live a more positive life, expand my creativity through art and fashion and tick off things that I’ve had on my bucket list for far too long.

 About me:
I am a petite 5ft3 girl who has found that writing and painting helps me to think things through more clearly. I am better able to express myself through these mediums and my hope is that someone somewhere will benefit from my lessons and experiences in life.

I am building a clothing line ‘She by Shiyaa’ and the fashion segment of my blog will probably feature a number of these. I am a foodie and I want to travel around the world for the rest of my life.



So grab a cup of tea and enjoy the read 🙂 xo