Discovery at Harrow – The Chocolate Room

On a cold Sunday I was looking for a place to have a quick coffee while waiting to be picked up by my friend. I searched for the nearest Starbucks to me and made my way when I came across a little café, I was intrigued.

From the minute I went in I fell in love – probably because of all the cute bitesize chocolates. My favourite: vanilla cupcake! Though the pistachio was pretty good as well.

The best part of place, was how the tea was brewed! I was expecting your usual: here’s the hot water, your almond milk and here’s your Earl Grey tea bag. BUT NO!
The waiter bought over:
– loose tea with water in a little container
– a timer (so I could keep an eye on brewing time)
– a glass cup and a tiny milk jug

My childish side of me got excited by how the tea of poured into the cup though:

Honestly, a good vibe, lovely service and a 1/2 minute walk from Harrow on the hill 🙂


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