Being comfortable in your body


During my visit to Budapest, I went to the thermal baths. Me and the girls threw on our bikinis and stepped into the warm water. After our amazing soak, we hit the showers remaining in our bathing suits, whilst there was an older woman who so confidently walked around utterly naked. She did not care about how she looked or what others thought about it. I was in awe. I mean I don’t aspire to be naked in front of people, but do aspire to be as confident with my body as she was.

Don’t get me wrong I’m actually really comfortable in my own body. But much like many girls, I used to be very self conscious. I used to really hate my disproportionate body (I’m bottom heavy) and the scars all over my body. I remember a time I used to hate being in a swimming suit or even showing my legs in a dress/shorts.

But over the years I’ve grown to change the way I see myself. I’ve accepted that my legs are bigger than my upper body, but my waist is absolutely tiny and I love that! I’ve learnt to dress in a way that compliments my body shape and that helps me feel more confident. I’ve come to like my scars – they add character to the canvas (body).

I’ve come to realise that being skinny isn’t something to aspire to, being healthy is. When I cut out crap food and started working out, my body toned up but more importantly I had more energy and I felt great.

Last week, I was completely comfortable walking around in my swim suit in front of loads of people, something that a few years ago would be unthinkable.

Budapest: Schzenyi Baths – amazing place!

Boys and girls: there is no ‘perfect body.’ We are all built differently and we should not be concerned about what other people will think of our bodies. 9/10 times the people you think will be judging you are just as concerned about how you will judge them.

As my friend would say: this is the era for celebrating all shapes, sizes and colour! So let’s rejoice in our differences 🙂



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