The inconsiderate kid on the train 

There’s a boy on the train sitting opposite me on the dlr. He’s got his massive raksake on the seat beside him and everyone around us are standing up. Tired Londoners who also have an early morning. What an inconsiderate little kid. He’s avoiding eye contact with everyone so that no-one asks him to give up his seat. Anyone experienced this?

A girl on crutches walks in – I wonder if he’d move his gigantic bag now?

The boy suddenly got up and ran up to the girl grabbed her hand and helped her to the seat he’d been sitting down on. He gave her the rucksack and let her mum sit down next to her. He smiled and said he’d be standing ‘over there mum’. The mum replied, ‘Thanks Liam!’

Me: fuck. Sorry!!

Moral of the story: everyone has there own reason. Everyone’s going through stuff we do not know about. So let’s stop judging people. If anyone had asked the boy I’m sure he would have explained.

Hope you’re having a good day Liam. You’re a good kid!

This is a true story!


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