‘I’m asking you to believe’


Those who know me know how much I love President Obama, apologies, Obama. Last night I was watching his farewell speech and his ending truly stayed with me. He said:

‘I am asking you to believe.  Not in my ability to bring about change – but in yours.’

This got me thinking:

It saddens me when I see girl on girl hate, hierarchy within culture, colourism, religious hate, homophobia, sexism, judgements based on cultural differences, judgements for mental illness etc. Differences between us has for years brought about so much discrimination, but at the end of the day we are all human and we all bleed red!

I am not saying that there is hate everywhere, I have surrounded myself with like minded people (believers), people who are striving for the same ideals as me, for a world with a lot less discrimination/hate and a hell lot more equality/love. But, I’m in a culture where sexism, colourism, classism and judgements for those with mental illness still exists. A society where people have thrown away/ hidden their identity in fear. Where my male counter part still earns more than I.  Sadly, discrimination of all sorts still exists and it is us as a collective body of believers, to dissolve this discrimination. It is up to us to raise children and inspire each other to see past skin colour, culture, religion etc. The change of a better tomorrow relies on us all and we all have a responsibility to do something.

Simply liking a post or nodding along in agreement will not do. Change happens through education and actively standing up against what you know is wrong. Communication is our best tool and the internet has provided us with a medium to connect with people across the globe. We have a powerful instrument in our hands and it is our choice how we use it. Why not use it to cultivate a new ‘norm’ amongst all societies? One that is more accepting and supportive.

I can see changes already to be honest – and it excites the hell out of me!

Believe in our, no YOUR, ability to make change happen.

Shish out xo

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