Overcoming the feeling of being unsuccessful

Lately, I been a little ‘down’ (and I touched upon this in my first post) about feeling unsuccessful. My to do list/list of goals is ridiculously long! There’s several pages: work related (corporate and clothing), wedding related, many ideas I haven’t pursued and several things I have yet to start. Simply looking at all the things that I want to achieve is daunting and demotivating and I’m often left feeling very unsuccessful.

I’ve been speaking to people about this (who I think are pretty successful) and some of them feel the same way.


There is a tendency for people to focus on their present (the tasks they have to do today) and their future (the goals they still need to reach). But, what about all the things they’ve done. I’m guilty of doing just this. I’ve come to realise that it is not that I am unsuccessful but that I still have much to achieve. The problem is that in any one moment I am focused on achieving these goals that I often forget about everything I have done (starting a clothing line, She by Shiyaa, for example) and feel unaccomplished.

She by Shiyaa | Photographer: Refined Moments 

So I’ve decided to break down my goals into weekly targets and when I look back, I’ll be able to visually see all the goals I hit.

This brings me into another revelation. I reflected on how little I did in 2016 in my last post, but perhaps it is that right now I cannot recall the things that I did that made me happy. So for 2017 I’ve decided to make a ‘collage’ – a picture a week of something I’ve done.

Inspired by the white company 

It could be anything as long as it is something that made me happy. I think it would help me try and do new things and make sure that when I look back I remember all the good memories and not dwell over the bad.

I am determined to actively make 2017 better!  Xo

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