Invest in yourself


With the beginning of a New Year I thought it was a good opportunity to start blogging again.

Looking back on 2016, I have to say that it has been a memorable year and in truth as I look back it’s been a pretty *beeping* terrible one from Trump, Brexit and the passing of many beloved individuals to name a few. This year, particularly the last few months, have been difficult. My anxiety is sky high and as a result I am insanely sensitive and get upset very, very quickly. I am constantly worrying and as a result socialising and holding conversations has become incredibly challenging. I now prefer to not stay out long/ not at all, cancel plans and not talk to people. It’s not healthy, it’s my defence mechanism – I’m trying to play it safe.

Recently, I have been reading ‘Facebook’ and ‘Instagram’ reflections on the year and curiously even with the all the crap that 2016 hurdled our way, there are some people who claim that it has been their best year yet. Honestly, at first I was truly baffled (refer to my own reflection), I could not comprehend how anyone could say 2016 was a good year.

But then it suddenly hit me, there was one big difference between myself and them. They have travelled, they have taken risks, grabbed the opportunities that have come their way and surrounded themselves by people they love. In 2016, I played things pretty safe and sadly I said no to great opportunities to explore, network, grow myself because I was saving towards a ‘tomorrow.’ Whilst, I still believe that saving money for the future is important, constantly refusing to pursue opportunities that I would love and would make me happy is not the way forward. 

I’m not usually one for New Year’s resolution as I think that you can make them on any day. My resolution is therefore my Life’s resolution: INVEST IN YOURSELF!

  1. Saving money is important, but spending money to further your knowledge in education, attend that once in a lifetime event, to travel and grow your horizons or to pay for private healthcare IS NOT A WASTE OF MONEY. You are investing in yourself and your happiness.
  2. My anxiety is something that I am still learning to manage and some days it is harder to cope with than others but staying indoors being afraid to socialise is not the solution. I want to slowly learn to ignore my instincts to lock myself away and to have the courage to openly tell the people who care about me why it is that I cannot meet up with them or have to leave early.

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